Why haven’t I heard of PDR before now?

Paintless Dent Repair for many years was indeed a best kept industry secret. Although PDR is no longer a secret today, there is still an overall low awareness of the very affordable PDR technique with the general public.

Many Paintless Dent Repair technicians are found doing mobile Paintless Dent Repair work at car dealerships, detailing shops, body shops and car rental companies. Chances are the only time you will hear of Paintless Dent Repair is if you are referred to us by someone who already utilizes our services.


*Our name is now Hail Pro PDR*
We specialize in Hail Repair and do it nationally
for insurance claims across Canada.
We offer the highest quality Paintless Hail Repair available and the best
choice for your Autopac Hail Claims*


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