Paintless Dent Repair


Paintless Dent Repair is Simply
The Best Affordable Alternative
To Conventional Body Repair


Paintless Dent Repair or Paintless Dent Removal, often referred to as PDR for short, has taken the automotive industry by storm over the last decade. It has become the preferred method used for repairing door dents and dings, as well as hail damage. This process is not only approved by all major auto insurance companies, it is constantly utilized by new and used car dealers, car rental companies, auto auctions and insurance companies and has been for many years.

A very small percentage of the consumer level vehicle owners are aware that most dents on their vehicles can be removed without painting for a fraction of the cost of traditional auto body techniques.

By the time you finish browsing this sight, you will have a very good idea of how Paintless Dent Repair services are accomplished and if this is the repair technique that is right for the type of damage your vehicle has. Either way, you have just found the affordable answer to keeping your car, truck or vans appearance and value at it’s highest.

The Paintless Dent Repair system is by far the best money saving alternative to expensive autobody repairs. Paintless Dent Repair work means you maintain your automobiles factory paint finish and value.

Paintless Dent Repair-1
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Above on the left you can see a golf ball sized dent on the hood of a 2005 Chev Colorado truck.
Notice the depth of the center point of the dent and
the larger surrounding area buldging up and outward.
Without the need for painting or traditional body fillers,
observe the incredible result on the right. No fill, just skill.

*Our name is now Hail Pro PDR*
We specialize in Hail Repair and do it nationally
for insurance claims across Canada.
We offer the highest quality Paintless Hail Repair available and the best
choice for your Autopac Hail Claims*

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