Paintless Hail Repair

Need a hail repair? We are National hail repair specialists. Before you make the mistake of losing your factory finish to a sand, putty and paint job, call us to arrange for an assessment . Last year we did a car for a fellow who was insisting that a body shop paint his brand new Malibu with only 3000km on it. The body shop did not want to try to match the paint as it was a difficult colour to deal with. So the body shop sent the car to us, we had it repaired perfectly in under a day. The customer was thrilled and drove away with his factory paint job intact.

Wait! Don’t Paint! PDR it!

Many people do not notice light hail damage. If you do take a good look and find out you have hail damage, get a Paintless Hail Repair. Hail damage is covered by Autopac, a Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) product.  Neglecting to repair it will cost you big when you sell or trade in your vehicle. Here are some steps to take to insure you get the right options at repair time.


Think Paintless Hail Repair!

1. Call your vehicle insurance company to report the damage and start a claim.

2. Be aware that Manitoba Vehicle Insurance claims are written up according to traditional or conventional body shop methods (filling and painting) and costs. They are only too happy if you are able to have the vehicle repaired through the Paintless Hail Repair process as they only pay us a percentage of the claim total when the repair has been completed to your complete satisfaction. PDR is often suggested but not compulsory as it is in other provinces.

3. Keep in mind that if you take your vehicle straight to a body shop for a traditional hail repair, they may completely replace the hood, trunk lid, or roof according to the claim allowances. Either way they will fill the remaining dents with body filler, sand the repairs down smooth and then paint a great deal of your vehicle. Not only have you lost your original factory paint finish, but some original parts may be gone too! Paintless Hail Repair protects your investment.

4. Give us a call and get a free professional and friendly Paintless Hail Repair assessment on your hail damage. We can tell you right away if it is entirely repairable with the Paintless Hail Repair process. If it isn’t we will be happy to recommend other avenues and reputable body shops. There are times where 90% can be repaired with Paintless Dent Repair. The remaining 10% can be repaired traditionally.


*Our name is now Hail Pro PDR*
We specialize in Hail Repair and do it nationally
for insurance claims across Canada.
We offer the highest quality Paintless Hail Repair available and the best
choice for your Autopac Hail Claims*

Paintless Hail Repair

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