Which sizes and types of dents
can be repaired with PDR?

As far as a good PDR technician is concerned, about 80% of the typical minor dings and dents you will find on your vehicle are completely repairable with this method. Whether the vehicle is made with sheet metal or aluminum, both are repairable. Outward dents, sometimes caused by items bouncing around inside the trunk are also repairable.

Any dents that are large or deep would need to be assessed by a PDR professional first.

We can tell you just how well we feel a more severe dent will turn out and advise you of your options. PDR Estimates and advice are free.

By and large, you can be confident that most of those annoying shopping cart dents and door dings you vehicle regularly receives in parking lots are most likely completely repairable with PDR.


*Our name is now Hail Pro PDR*
We specialize in Hail Repair and do it nationally
for insurance claims across Canada.
We offer the highest quality Paintless Hail Repair available and the best
choice for your Autopac Hail Claims*


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